Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Choose us for pool closing services in New Bedford, Fall River & Wareham, MA

When the weather begins to cool, and your water begins to freeze, your swimming days have come to an end. Rather than let your pool turn into an ice rink, call ImpeccaPools in the New Bedford, Fall River & Wareham, MA area. We have experience providing the proper swimming pool closing procedures for a safe process. You won't have to worry about broken lines or damage when you hire us. We'll do everything twice and not leave until your closing is perfect.

Contact us now to schedule pool closing services. Pool Closings Start at just $325 depending on size of pool and water features.

What's included in our pool closing package?

Once you've had your last swim for the year, rely on us for exceptional pool closing services. We'll pay close attention to detail while:

  • Removing handrails and ladders
  • Pumping water below the return
  • Putting air into the lines
  • Plugging the lines
  • Cleaning all filters
  • Installing your pool cover
  • Vacuum and lower pool clean.
Don't be sad over your swimming pool closing. When the weather turns, we'll be back in no time to open yours again. Pool closing starts at $325 depending on size of pool and water features.

Let us know when you need winter pump down services

Part of pool closing services involves making sure the water level is where it needs to be to avoid damage through the winter. We can make sure the water level is below the skimmer. Our pump down services and water level services help to get your pool ready to last through cold weather. We'll do all the prep work needed to make sure your pool is in good condition.

Proper pool closing is important to make sure your pool is ready for you next summer. We can take care of winterization and pump down services so you don't damage your tile or pool deck.

Call now to learn more about the pump down services we provide throughout New Bedford, MA.